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Resources for Producers

Classical Swine Fever FastFact
This one-page disease fact sheet is designed to provide producers with basic information on CSF, how it is spread, clinical signs seen in affected swine and prevention steps to take.
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CSF Prevention Practices
This document provides specific prevention measures to be implemented on a farm to reduce the risk of introduction or spread of CSF. The document also contains appendices with farm signage to be posted, a visitor log, and images of the disease in swine (to help in rapid detection).
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CSF Routes of Transmission
This document overviews the various means that CSF can be spread to pigs.
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CSF Response Packet
This document serves as a rapid educational tool, in the event that CSF is detected in the U.S. The packet contains the CSF FastFact, CSF Routes of Transmission and CSF Prevention Practices document. This file can be emailed to producers to help educate them about CSF and prevention measures to use on the farm.
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CSF Disease Wall Chart
This full-color wall chart displays pertinent clinical signs seen in swine with CSF. It serves as a visual educational tool for veterinarians and producers.
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