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USDA CSF Surveillance Program
The U.S. Department of Agriculture has a Classical Swine Fever Surveillance Program designed to enhance the rapid detection of CSF if introduced into the U.S. For more information:
Classical Swine Fever Technical Factsheet
This document is designed to provide the veterinarian with the current scientific knowledge of CSF, its transmission, clinical signs, diagnostic tests and control.
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Classical Swine Fever PowerPoint
This presentation is designed to aid veterinarians in educating swine producers on CSF, its transmission, clinical signs, and prevention measures. Speaker notes are provided for each slide.
[English PPT] [English Speaker Notes PDF]
[Spanish PPT] [Spanish Speaker Notes PDF]
CSF Inactivation in Meat
This document provides the current scientific knowledge of the level of persistence of the CSF virus in a variety of meat products, including hams and sausages.
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CSF In Great Britain, 2000 (Incursion Story)
This document describes an outbreak of CSF in Great Britain. It highlights the steps taken and the lessons learned during the control and eradication measures of the outbreak in 2000.
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Routes of Disease Transmission
This document serves as a review of the basic routes of transmission of disease agents. Prevention measures aimed at these routes can serve to reduce the spread of a number of disease pathogens.
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Appendix B: Vaccination for Classical Swine Fever (2012)

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